Guy Ben-Ner is a celebrated video artist and consummate storyteller weaving allegory and historic fiction into riveting works. His works make socio-political commentary on contemporary issues utilizing DIY aesthetics framing a variety of players. Players in these works include professionally trained animals, unwitting baristas and passersby; but most often he uses his own family. Stealing Beauty (2007), completed during his DAAD residency, stars Guy Ben-Ner’s then wife and children borrows heavily from Readymade structures. Shot entirely inside IKEA showrooms in New York, Berlin and Tel Aviv, the work frames model rooms and goods. even appropriating the stores soundtrack into the work.  Comedy unfolds as IKEA customers encounter the family lounging in pajamas, preparing meals and bathing. The Inspired by cinematic icons (Buster Keaton) and political thinkers (Frederic Engels and Edward Said), the video transgresses real and imaginary borders. In Soundtrack (2013), he lifts 11 minutes and 12 seconds of sound from Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster film War of the Worlds and adds an entirely new set of visuals. Through a process of what Ben-Ner refers to as ‘budding’ (or the reverse of dubbing) and using his three children, wife and fellow friends he takes the Hollywood melodrama where father and children fight Martians and cunningly replaces it with scenes from his own kitchen and Tel Aviv neighborhood.

Tree house Kit, 2005, video and sculptural installation, edition of 3 (image courtesy of The National Gallery of Canada)

Soundtrack, 2013, (video stills), single channel video, edition of 6

Foreign Names, 2012, (video stills), single channel video, edition of 6

Drop the Monkey, 2009, (video stills), single channel video, edition of 6

Stealing Beauty, 2007, (video stills), single channel video, edition of 6

Wild Boy, 2004, (video installation), single channel video, edition of 6

Moby Dick, 2000, (video stills), single channel video, edition of 6

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